About Las Vegas Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist and Psychic Anna Dabrowski

Not only the founder and guiding force behind The Healing Oasis, ANNA DABROWSKI has established herself as the leading figure here in Nevada when it comes to Self-Alignment of the body, mind and spirit.  By using multiple healing techniques in combination, be they state-of-the-art methods practiced here in the West or the ancient healing practices of the Far East, Ms. Dabrowski has successfully honed her multiple skills to the point that The Healing Oasis has become the undisputed leader in successful client treatment and client satisfaction.


Originally from Poland, Anna’s life work brought her to the United States where she became a naturalized citizen.  Poland’s loss has certainly been America’s gain as Anna has been aware since early childhood that there was more going on around her than the obvious physical world she saw.

At the tender age of eleven Anna experienced a profound out-of-body event that exposed her to the existence of Angels and guided her life to a path of spiritual enlightenment.  This gift of communication and sight has been a blessing not only in her life but in the hundreds of messages she has passed on to clients through Angelic Readings.

While Anna’s Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Accounting led to her running her own accounting company in her native Poland, her life’s work actual training began in 2000 receiving the ancient tradition and teachings of Reiki I and later the level of Reiki II in the direct lineage of founder Dr. Mikao Usui.

Practicing and using Reiki in her daily life for 7 years, Anna was prepared and ready to accept the responsibility of becoming a level III Reiki Master and Teacher in the year 2007.

Anna Dabrowski with Phyllis Lei Furumoto

And in 2016 Anna was accepted to receive heightened Reiki training and traditions from the current world Master for all practitioners of Reiki, Phyllis Lei Furumoto.  Anna’s life dedication and continued use of Reiki has made her the most powerful and unrivaled healer in the Southwest when it comes to the Reiki arts.

USUI SHIKI RYOHO Masters from all over the world gathered by Phyllis Lei Furumoto.

Anna with Amy Erez and Brian Brunius

Ms. Dabrowski expanded her skills by training and graduating from the HMI College of Hypnotherapy and earning her degree as a certified Hypnotherapist.  While competently able to treat a full range of human difficulties, Anna has specialized in Inner Child Therapy, Past Life Regression and Mental Therapeutic Imagery which all have proven to be of remarkable value in restoring a client to wellness.

Further training in association with Stanford University has allowed Ms. Dabrowski to complete a comprehensive health management leadership program and she has successfully conducted classes in Chronic Disease Self-Management as well as Diabetes Management programs.

Anna with Brenda Calvin and Alex Brandin

Her skill as in intuitive Angel guide were furthered with tutelage under Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and her Angelic work was heightened yet again having accomplished all six levels of Seraphim Angels training.  This remarkable energy from the Seraphim has been beneficial to every client who has experienced it and Anna is pleased to be able to share this wonderful energy with them.

With a goal of bringing people into the fullness of a healthier and happier life, Anna Dabrowski has successfully guided her clients out of their own personal darkness and into the light of their true selves; a self that is Self-Aligned, filled with confidence, courage and happy to share that spark of the Divine that shines from within us all.

“Anna is truly an amazingly graced angel! Whether you work with her for Reiki healing, angel readings, or hypnotherapy, etc., you are involved with someone extremely evolved, enlightened, educated, and employing extraordinary abilities! In the very short time we have worked together, I have begun utilizing different modalities to help transform my life, and help heal myself physically, mentally, emotionally as well as spiritually.” -Marjorie L.

In 2018 Anna Dabrowski was awarded the Silver Winner in Alternative Therapies of the Best of Las Vegas Review Journal.

The winners are chosen by the clients that were already exposed to the amazing Anna’s work.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. it is an honor and privilege to be able to help. Thank you.” Anna


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