Journey to Peace program is for you if:

You are hungry for success.

Being at your breaking point.

Tired of over-thinking everything.

Tired of over-analyzing.

Feeling emotionally exhausted.

Overwhelmed by life’s demands.

Not knowing your life purpose.

Tired of decision making.

Paralyzed by brain fog.

Journey to Peace Program is a highly individualized ONE-ON-ONE coaching program that takes you from the place of YOUR NEEDS. 


Having calm, peaceful mind!

Feeling successful and having a fulfilling life!

Being confident with yourself and your actions!

Using your mind as you wish versus your mind running lose!

Having inner peace!

Finding your life purpose!

Trusting yourself in decision making!

Clear communication with others!

Connecting with your intuition!

Ask yourself one important question: What is going to happen if you do nothing?

To have what you desire and dream about requires changes in your actions and behaviors. Don’t wait any longer. Life happens now. Your mind will be blow out with the results you will get with this life altering program. In just few weeks you will have the results and reach for success. 

Journey to Peace Program
Eight week program: Six one-hour individual coaching sessions. Non-refundable.
Price: 1,080.00
Price: $899.00

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The 8-week program includes:

  • Six individual sessions with Anna Dabrowski in person or over Zoom.
  • Individual recording for positive self-image reinforcement.
  • Two recorded studio meditations to quiet the mind.
  • “Tools” for lifetime self-help.
  • Email support between sessions.

JOURNEY TO PEACE program additional benefits:

  • Establish yourself as successful and confident
  • Break through limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Remove fear of failure and fear of success
  • Remove the fears and anxiety of dealing with daily routine
  • Neutralize emotional trauma from the past
  • Being able to meditate
  • Establish self-worth, understanding “I am worth it” and “I can do it”
  • Find your personal power

All and more are possible, with individual coaching sessions designed specifically for you. This approach will give you time for discovery of what is holding you back and bring back trust towards yourself.  

“Connecting with Anna has truly been a transformative life experience. I have participated in my own personalized program where I worked on past life regression and therapeutic imagery. Anna helped me to discover the immense power, wisdom, and guidance that come from my own inner core. I have also received Reiki sessions where I experienced a deep sense of peace, comfort, and relaxation. I am truly grateful for the gifts that Anna offers and wish everyone could benefit from her loving presence and God given abilities.” -Dan, School Teacher

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JOURNEY TO PEACE Program is based on hypnosis and utilizes modalities such as inner child, trauma desensitization, anxiety control and therapeutic imagery.

The results of the program will vary as we are all different, and our individual and personal approach determines the depth of the changes. 

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