An Angel Card Reading is a wonderful way of receiving answers to all your questions from Angels.

How often do we wonder what the right way is, what decision to make, or we simply need to know what is going on behind our back?

All of the dilemmas will be answered and your burden of deciding which way to turn will be peaceful.

angel card readings las vegas

For Angel Card Reading in Las Vegas, Anna is using many different decks including angel tarot cards to channel all the information that are right for you at this time in your life so you can make a better decision and move towards your goals.

When we receive guidance from our wonderful angels and friendly protectors, life is easier and happier.

Channeling the information from your angels is like receiving the guidance from your most wonderful friends knowing your heart and your desires.

“The Angel Card reading you gave me was the best reading ever in my life. You gave me a sense of strength and control over my own life. Changed my perspective and approach to very difficult situations. Thank you Anna for listening to the angels and channeling that for me.” – Misty S.


Anna provides private angel card readings in person in Las Vegas, over the phone, Skype or Zoom.

Through the Angel Card Reading with Anna, you will receive loving guidance and explanations why something is happening the way it is and how you can change it to your benefit.

All readings are loving and supportive and often gave a sense of belonging and clarify life purpose.

Anna with Steward Pearce

“Thank you so much for doing the reading for me yesterday! It was truly informative and gave me a true sense of direction. Love you Gal!” – Sandy B.

Anna Dabrowski is trained and certified as an Angel Card Reader by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

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