Everybody wants to live the fullest, most successful and happy life possible but often we are sabotaged by limited beliefs, unresolved emotions and varied problems that life brings us. Not knowing how to overcome our obstacles we are not moving forward.

Regardless of the nature of your problem, be it personal or professional, it is my life’s work bringing you guidance and strength. My own rise from despair inspired me to gain expertise that I am eager to share and inspire you with as well. My program JOURNEY TO PEACE is customized to meet you at the point of your needs.

Jonathan R.

I found Anna at the beginning of 2018. I was in a very bad place and hurting the people who loved me the most. I had lost touch with myself and my family. She helped me clear away all of the BS in my life allowing me to see what was truly important and establish a clear path towards it. After 10-15 sessions, with a clear and focused mind, I had gained courage to make a series of big decisions that saved my life and…

The Journey to Peace program helps you move forward in life with confidence and trust by removing old emotions, habits and limiting beliefs so you can find peace and create a successful and fulfilling life.

All is possible when YOUR mind is YOUR friend.

More confidence in your decision making.

More meaning and purpose in your life.

More emotional stability and peace.

More happiness and success.

Hypnosis is a natural and deeply relaxing state of mind that allows us to change our habits and beliefs. Changes like: raising a ceiling for success, removing fears and traumas, controlling our emotions. You will be amazed with the speed change can be accomplished! 

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Reiki energy has the ability to calm your mind while reducing stress and pain. If you need to balance your body or prepare for meditation, Reiki is the answer. It harmonizes your chakras, restores your strength, promote good night sleep and speeds up recoveries after injuries and surgeries.

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Inner Child Therapy allows us to release hidden emotions such as anger, guilt, hurt, and rejection. Neutralizes traumas from the past as well as helps us change habits and limiting beliefs. Brings forgiveness, confidence and self-worth within that leads to success, fulfilling relationships and happiness.

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