The third level of REIKI is the most exciting part of this amazing healing modality! REIKI III is light; it is love and a promise to be one with the Source. Once this sacred vow is established between you and the Source/God, you must always be true to yourself, live and speak what is true and shine as an example for others. It means achieving a perfect balance with all there is in life.

All is One and One is All.

The prerequisite for this level is having earned both Level I and Level II and having firmly established a pattern of practicing Reiki on a daily basis in your personal life.

After having Level I we know what REIKI is on the human level. Whatever we can touch, we can heal! Having Level II opens time and space so there is no limit to the healing that can be accomplished. These two levels are designed for our personal growth and spirituality and while we are more than able to practice and give REIKI to others, we are under no obligation to do so.

REIKI Level III will forever change the course of your commitment. Your life path will not be exclusively oriented towards yourself as you will now be called upon to guide others toward their path of enlightened states and you will develop an honest and true devotion to the practice of REIKI. This is not a level you will be able to casually drop and not think about. REIKI will always call you back and your life will truly be changed. Our consciousness will be expanding as well as our connection the Universe, God and our Source will grow stronger bringing an abundance of joy and enlightenment. Those who sincerely pursue the path of REIKI will be blessed with a peace that surpasses any peace known before. Your awareness will be amplified not only as a calling to heal others, but out precious planet Earth and our Universe as well.

Becoming a REIKI Master/Teacher is a serious yet wonderful step in one’s life. With a firm knowledge and understanding of the first two levels in concert with full awareness of the symbols of REIKI including their true meaning and application, you are now poised to go forward once the Master has acknowledged and accepted you as a candidate for REIKI Level III.

As with previous REIKI trainings, this training is only done in person one on one with your REIKI/Master Teacher. To become Master Teacher yourself is totally left up to the calling of each individual student.

This level is not REQUIRED for you to have successful practice but it will re-focus your life toward complete devotion to Reiki.

In my preparation and training for this level, I have requirement such as to be in contact with the candidate, to know and see recognition and practice the candidate posses. As this is serious step in our life path I need to make sure you are ready for a right reasons so your life will not become something you are not ready to do.

” This is a magical journey that rides a wave of life’s energy which flows from an infinite source.” – Anna

Prerequsite Reiki Level II taken or retaken with Anna Hanael.

For all Master/Teacher training please contact Anna directly.