Past Life Regression is the peaceful and easy way to overcome obstacles in moving forward in life towards happiness and joy.

Past Life Regression is the fastest process for your mind to find the solutions to the blockages/fears that prevent you from moving forward in your life.

Whatever that blockage is, your mind has an answer to everything and knows how to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you in the same place in your life.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a personal relationship or business matter, you may know what outcome you would like but your behavior is keeping you in the same place by repeating over and over again the same patterns.

“I’ve always wanted to have a past life regression done and put it off for many years due to not feeling much of a connection or a pull to many of the options that were available at the time. Once I discovered Anna and the Healing Oasis, I knew it was the right place to go because of her connection to more of the spiritual side of the therapy. She really makes you feel welcomed and within the first few minutes you know that she really is a kindred spirit. I’m very appreciative for meeting her and the deep, meaningful session we had.
I’m sure more regressions with Anna are in my future and maybe even a reiki class or two!” – Amber, Las Vegas


All phobias and fear that don’t have logical basis in current life – gone.

Chronic physical pains and sensations often not having medical reasons – released.

Discover patterns for success and strength.

Re-experiencing happy, successful lifetime in order to bring strength, wisdom and key for success.

Clarifying direction for life purpose.

Finding and understanding your soul mates.

Accessing the wisdom, peace and guidance in order to deepen the spirituality.

Understanding dominant attitudes or emotions that seem to persist in current lift.

Change troubling behavior and attitudes patterns that are persistent despite the attempt to change them.

Relationship dynamics such as intense attraction or aversion to other person.

Strengthening the clarity of the spiritual nature of our existence.

It is possible for a person to have fears, phobias or other emotional conditions that seem to have no apparent reason or basis in their life.

PAST LIFE REGRESSION is extremely useful in uncovering one or more previous lives in which unfinished business, horrific abuse and different forms of violent death, chronic illness or any numbers of emotional blockages are seen in the make-up of someone currently living.

PAST LIFE REGRESSION is equally beneficial for discovering happiness and keys for success so new belief will be created within you that you actually can be successful and happy in your current life.

“I have been working with Anna for the past 3 months. She is amazing. Her warmth and skill level immediately put me at ease. We started with a past life regression that revealed powerful lessons for me. Anna’s technique and presence allowed me to go very deep and gain many insights that are still revealing themselves. We then moved on to a series of hypnotherapy that has helped me address the high levels of anxiety I have been suffering from as well as my inability to really love myself. My time with Anna has been priceless. I wish I would have worked with her sooner!” -Karen B.

Past Life Regression is based on hypnotherapy and it opens the deep subconscious levels of memories to gain knowledge and complete understanding of current situations or issues.

During the session the client is guided by the therapist towards the most important memories in order to assist healing and allow for behavioral changes. By using hypnosis the very deep relaxation state is achieved opening the access to the subconscious mind and moving the person backwards to the time and places where the original event occurred. The event that created current issues or behavior. By bringing these memories into conscious awareness, we can release or diffuse the energy and heal the emotional blockages that keep us stuck. By gaining that understanding and “reliving” it in the deep trans, you can free yourself from old patterns, fears and physical problems that are having negative effects on your life.

Past Life Regression is a fascinating way to explore other aspects of yourself and your life purpose. It doesn’t really matter if you believe in past lives or souls traveling to a new body over and over again or not. Your mind will bring you the right answers by using symbolic metaphors for the issue or situation that needs to be resolved. As one session is enough to work through the bothering issue, Past Life Regression is a useful method in the age of lack of time and patience.

What can take months of traditional therapy, can be achieved in one session.