Reiki II training in traditional USUI SHIKI RYOHO school is the higher level of practicing Reiki.

It’s a next step for those who know what Reiki is and are ready to expand their practice. Reiki level I allows us to heal anything that we can touch and it’s for everyone including children.

Reiki level II gives us ability of distant healing.  We can open time and space and even heal karmic levels.

Prerequisite Reiki level I.

Reiki II training can be done in one or two days and includes three Initiations.

You will learn the symbols allowing you to send healing over space and time, heal your karma and create a better future. It doubles the ability for energy to flow through the body and heighten your vibrations. By that process the mind become clearer and every decision in life is easier.

Healing is sped up and physic abilities are heightened. Simply put your “gut” feeling or inner voice is louder and easy to understand. Distant healing abilities are activated.

There is no limit for the healing and you will be able to address anything and everything you want.

“Anna you are truly a wonderful teacher! Your warm & loving spirit definitely encourages learning, & opening up to receive this new level of Reiki. You are very patient, & take the time to make sure the new information is understood. This was an amazing, beautiful experience, one I will never forget! Thank you for teaching, & of course thank you to the masters & angels who assisted.  All my love.” – Janice E.

Reiki Level II Training
Prerequisite Reiki Level I
Price: $600.00
Reiki Level II Training Deposit Non-Refundable
Non-refundable deposit towards your Reiki Level II training. Full training price is $550. Present remaining $300 before the workshop.
Price: $300.00

Reiki level II is recommended for those who already are practicing Reiki on themselves, feel the energy flow and know that this is a method for them.

Reiki level II comes with the oath or promise that you are solely responsible for anything that happens in your life, all your actions and their results. There is no room for blaming others if something doesn’t work. You are given the most powerful tools to work with – the Reiki symbols and that gives your ability to change anything.

After receiving the Level II Initiations the body goes through natural detox process that may last up to six months. That process is very gentle and you can live a normal life while your body will be adjusting to highest vibrations.

Reiki Level II training can be done in one full day (eight hours) or can be split into two days (four hours each day) training.

Prerequisite Reiki level I.

“Anna, is absolutely Amazing! Anna showed me compassion and not only did her gifts but her education in hypnotherapy provide a beautiful meditation that truly helped along with spirit to pinpoint situations for me. Through her chakra balancing meditation classes and her Reiki teachings I now have this consistent level of peace I was always searching for. I am now a student of hers and am completely grateful for her and her expertise.” – Michelle Eberhardt