Imagine being able to receive a huge dose of new energy that removes stress, tiredness and recharges your body! That is what Reiki does: recharges your body like a battery to its full level!

When you are out of balance, low on energy or you want your body heal faster and better, REIKI is your answer.

REIKI directs the universal energy of life through the practitioner’s hands into your body. Your body then directs this energy to the place where it is most needed.

“Anna is the best is town.  With Reiki she has brought my body and mind into balance. She has helped me through some very hard times and I feel so much better about everything.” Deb M.

REIKI treatments are also completely compatible with all of our Western medicine. Whether pre-surgical (preparing the body and relieving and stress), post-surgical (dramatically speeding up recovery time) or in taking prescribed medicines (alieving negative side effects of drugs).

Benefits of REIKI

Release accumulated stresses

Increase energy & body and mind balance

Removes energy blocks

Decrease or neutralize physical pains, migraines and headache

Enhance all medical care by neutralizing side effects

Cancer treatments, decrease side effects of chemotherapy

Shortens surgical recovery time

Achieve deep relaxation

Helps with sleep problems

Release depression, grief and anger

Improves effectiveness of all medical treatments

In the Reiki Sessions, a peaceful energy flows from the hands of the practitioner into the client creating balance on every level: spiritual, emotional and physical. The process is extremely relaxing, yet strong. Often one session is enough to restore the balance and replenish what is lacking in the flow.

“The addition of Reiki in my life brought a focus and calm I’ve never known. The constant knee pain I lived with is now a distant memory. I would definitely recommend Reiki!” – Daryl W.

“After a Reiki session I feel renewed refreshed and rejuvenated. Anna has the “spirit” and uses energies around and in us to help me feel wonderful and comparatively pain and anxiety free. Thank you for having the knowledge and the gift.” -Dotti E

Recharge your body with life energy, restore the balance and experience self-healing through relaxing and rejuvenating Reiki Healing Session in our Las Vegas Reiki Spa, The Healing Oasis.

Reiki is the only known method giving us an ability to connect and recharge ourselves with the universal energy of life. This is the only method that doesn’t use the energy you have or the practitioner’s energy and it doesn’t mix the energies. It’s only up to you how much energy you want to take or how often.

As long as something is alive, there is life energy circulating through and surrounding the body. We all have certain amounts of energy we are born with. We circulate that energy systematically losing it due to stress, emotions and physical diseases. Also when the life energy level is low or if there is any blockage in the circulation the body is more likely vulnerable to illness and dis-balance. When the life energy is high and freely flowing, the body is less likely to get sick. The higher the energy level, the more balanced, happier and well we are. Thanks to Reiki Healing Sessions we can continuously recharge our body and mind giving ourselves what we lost. Building ourselves stronger and more balanced.

Another wonderful quality of Reiki, specific only to this method,  is that it connects the energy’s wisdom with the persons’ free will. It will work exactly as the person desires and allow the work to integrate with. During Reiki Healing Sessions at our Las Vegas Reiki Spa, The Healing Oasis nothing is forced or uncomfortable. All is happening in a subtle and loving way.

Reiki works great together with modern western medicine. It’s a complimentary treatment that helps control stress and side effects of medications, promotes fast healing after surgeries, etc. The Healing Oasis offers a variety of Reiki Healing Sessions such as: private sessions, distant healing, classes and initiations for all levels of Reiki.