The concept of Inner Child Therapy is based on healing that internal part of us that influences our entire life and who we are. It resonates through every emotion and action we take such as the level of our self-esteem and confidence, decision making, career, success, happiness, intimacy, enthusiasm, love, passion, self-worthiness, curiosity and courage.
Inner Child Therapy allows us to release hidden emotions such as anger, guilt, hurt, and rejection.

Neutralizes traumas from the past and helps change habits and limiting beliefs.

Inner Child Therapy is especially effective for:

Any form of abuse: emotional and physical.

Feeling stuck in life. Not knowing how to move forward.

Lack of self-esteem and confidence.


Feeling “lost”. Lack of direction.

Choosing partners who are abusive or absent emotionally.

Adult behavior such as “acting out” or “over the top” such as unexplained anger outbursts or feeling of aggression.

Feeling guilty of everything that happens around.

No being able to disconnect from abusive situations and people.

Generally feeling unhappy.

Fear of abandonment and rejection.

Feeling like people do not like me, not being good enough.

Doubting self and struggling with decisions.

Fear of authority figures or hostile toward authority.

Feeling unworthy, not good enough, luck of self-acceptance.

Problems with intimacy, “acting out” sexually or lack of sexual involvement.

Need for perfection.

Not able to have long term relationships/ avoiding relationship and commitment.

Addiction of any kinds.

Afraid to express needs and feelings.

Uncomfortable with love and affection.

Luck of trust into own abilities and others.

“WOW! WOW! WOW! What an amazing journey! My inner child is connected to me and I feel her in my heart! Thank you lovely Anna for your guidance, love and passion. I am beyond grateful for having you in my life! For your knowledge and spread the message of love!” – Love, Sepi E.

“I have had several sessions with Anna and was able to release old patterns of thought and forgive myself for my past. Her office is very comfortable and her therapy has helped me tremendously.” – Tom Osmo

In this therapy it is important to understand how our minds function. Our subconscious mind does not have the concept of time. So it doesn’t matter how old we are the hurt has the same effect through the entire life until is released. When one of our stages of development is impaired, we lose the ability to grow and move forward fearlessly in life reaching for our desires and happiness.
The hurt of suppressed emotions is becoming a daily reality as we go through into adulthood.

We move forward with that hurt, guilt, blame and shame fighting with life and finally getting exhausted.

Our mind accepts the fact that pain and failure is normal.

Inner Child Therapy changes how the mind function, allow us to deal once and for all with hidden emotions and replaces them with self-love and self acceptance. Love and cherished Inner Child become a healthy adult and doesn’t sabotage our life any more.

The harmony and balance between the mind and emotions is accomplished.

Your complementary over the phone Inner Child Therapy consultation is just one click away:

Imagine your life filled with peace and harmony as you will be able to express your needs and wants freely.

Imagine yourself moving forward and reaching for your dreams without fear and procrastination.

Imagine attracting positive and happy people ready to support you and cherish you for who you are without judgment and criticism.