Reiki Practitioners Class is designed to explore, practice and deepen the connection and knowledge to Reiki – one of the most wonderful healing modality.

Each class addresses a specific subject related to the practice of Reiki such as protection application, exercising with Reiki, usage of symbols for many different situation, sending Reiki with the eyes, scanning, balancing chakras, repeating all of the traditional positions for the hands and a myriad of different topics directly related to this ancient practice of healing.

There are multiple areas of growth and expansion to be covered when the student desires to increase their knowledge and power.

The REIKI PRACTITIONERS CLASS include all levels of Reiki Practitioners. The sole requirement is having achieved at a minimum Reiki Level One.

REIKI PRACTITIONERS CLASS has a higher goal, which is create support and connect practitioners.

After receiving Reiki Level I, students often do not feel secure if the energy flows. The sensitivity in the hands will develop over time and finding yourself in a group of loving and caring people is a fantastic way of building up trust. There is always enough time to practice the subject of that class and, of course, plenty of time for questions and/or sharing our own experiences.

If you are currently practicing Reiki or have forgotten how to practice, you are welcomed to come and join in for this wonderful Reiki fellowship and growth. You will most surely find yourself in the company of caring and like-minded people.

REIKI PRACTITIONERS CLASS is held once a month. If you are interested in coming, please subscribe to the mailing list and you will receive detailed information about our next class.