Reiki level I training in original USUI SHIKI RYOHO traditional school can be given and received only by personal training between the Master and student. Reiki I is the easiest and safest method of working with energy. Everybody can do it including children.

Reiki is not a religion and it’s not associated with any belief, so it really doesn’t matter what your believe system is. It’s pure energy flow in your hands. Anytime you wish or need the energy will flow.

Reiki I training will give you a definition of Reiki, historical background, traditional hands position for daily self-healing or healing others. This training is ideally done over a four day period but can be condense for those who have only two or one day available for training.

At the end of the training students have the opportunity to work on each other, initiating the experience of the energy flow through them. A big part of the training are our Initiations during which the channels for energy flow are fully open and established.

Your hands chakras will be fully open, your heart will expand as well as you auric field. Initiations themselves have amazing healing abilities. In just a few seconds the energy flow is so strong that blockages in auric fields are removed.

The healing ability is gained but it is also a very powerful healing session for the receiver. After that, the channels in your body for the energy to flow are open and you are most likely reset for new start. Your hands will be open to channel the energy anytime you ask for.

At the end of the training students have the opportunity to work on each other, initiating the experience of the energy flow through them.

At the end of the course, Certificate of Completion Level I Reiki is received.

After this course you will become Reiki practitioner being able to do sessions on yourself, others and animals.

“Receiving Reiki I was one of the best experience of my life. I felt like the stones were lifted from my heart and I felt joyful and free. The energy surge was very powerful and I kept smiling. All the worries disappear. I know it was very strong for me. “– Kathryn B.

Reiki Level I Training
Full price for USUI SHIKI RYOHO REIKI level I.
Price: $400.00

Reiki Level I Training Deposit Non-Refundable
Non-refundable deposit towards your Reiki Level I training. Full training price is $350. Present remaining $200 before the workshop.
Price: $200.00

Reiki Level I Training Re-Take
Full price for USUI SHIKI RYOHO REIKI level I Re-take.
Price: $250.00

“Having Reiki is like having Neosporin in my hands. Anytime I have some pain I simply put my hands on and the pain goes away”.- John G.

Reiki method was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui at the beginning of XIX century but it is an ancient method.

To be able to practice Reiki one has to go through the initiations. Initiation is the ceremony performed by the Master during which the hand’s chakras are unlocked, crown chakra and heart chakra are expanded. Once the hands are open you can channel the energy that is available around us anywhere you wish.

Mikao Usui

Reiki is a wonderful method combining work with energy with the intelligence. It gives us an ability to connect and recharge ourselves with the universal energy of life on a level that no one other method does. “Rei” stands for the intelligence, highest wisdom or God connection and that part of this wonderful method is very unique. That connection and direction reassures that the healing is connected with the heart and soul or as some will say highest self inside of you. It knows where the energy needs to flow and what part of our body needs healing. It knows where the disease originated.

The healing may be needed on spiritual, emotional or physical level and that is determine by the connection between “Rei” and you.  “Ki’ stands for universal energy of life.