Hypnotherapy is based on hypnosis, a very natural and comforting state of our brain in which we can access deepest levels of our mind and its programs. In this state, our brain is able to relax and achieve a highly alerted awareness and concentration that opens our suggestibility state. The open suggestibility state allow us to learn new ways of doing virtually anything.

Hypnotherapy is perfect building the self-esteem and confidence, removing the pain and desensitizing experiences from the past that may keep us from progressing forward.

We all have programs how to live our life and we are all very successful at running these programs. The key is if the program our mind is running gives us the desired results. With hypnotherapy you can decide to change your program in order to accomplish what you desire and want.

Each program determines how we think, what we believe in and drives our behavior. How we judge ourselves and others? Are we successful or failing? Can we be rich? Can you be healthy or have happy relationship? All of it seats inside the subconscious mind and every minute drives our thoughts and behaviors.

Hypnotherapy is the fastest therapy in order to change our habits, lift the self-criticism and change the way we treat and think about ourselves.

HYPNOTHERAPY is the fastest tool to help with:

Anxiety and panic attacks

Fears and phobias

Sleep problems

Chronic and acute pain

Focus and memory

Athletic and stage performance

Fear of public speaking

Test taking and study performance

Quit smoking

Release depression, grief and anger

Procrastination and motivation problems

Weight loss and weight control

Increase of low self-esteem, self-image and confidence

Relationship issues

Surgery preparation and recovery

Reaching for your desire success

Releasing unwanted and blocking emotions

There are many misconceptions about hypnosis. We all experience hypnotic states every night before we fall asleep or when we are emerged in a movie experience or simply we just did something we don’t remember if we did it or how we did it. It is a very natural state.

So to dispel a few misconceptions, you won’t fall asleep and you cannot be stuck in the hypnotic state. The therapist cannot make you do anything that your mind will not agree with. You cannot lose control in that state and you will remember everything.

“Anna is absolutely amazing. I met her in 2013 after my mum passed and I’d been stuck in mourning for a year. I just couldn’t get out of the depression. Using hypnotherapy Anna helped me overcome those feelings and find guidance. Whenever I feel that depression, anxiety or even confusion hits me, I see her for hypnotherapy as well as Reiki session. She helped me immensely with back pain and other injuries. Great professional and amazing human being.” – Karin S., Las Vegas

Hypnotherapy sessions are available in person in our Las Vegas office or Zoom.

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The results of the program wary between person to person as we all are different and our individuality and personal approach determines the scope of the changes.