Are you ready to reclaim YOUR POWER and live the life of your dreams?

If you are, I’m ready to awaken within you the kind of CLARITY & CONFIDENCE & ABUNDANCE, that will bring the success you’ve dreamt about!

Say good-bye to frustration and disappointment and become the winner you were meant to be.


Knowing clearly your life’s PURPOSE and PATH

MOVING FEARLESSLY past all obstacles holding you back

FEELING CONFIDENT in everything you do

REACHING your GOALS without procrastination


Saying “GOODBYE” to ANXIETY and fear of failing

Making WORK your PASSION

LIVING ABUNDANTLY with aligned purpose


You have the vision. You know what you want and how you want to feel but yet, something is always holding you back. Maybe you feel like you can’t do it or perhaps you feel you’re not worthy?

These negative messages are pre-programmed in your subconscious mind. From wherever you were given these destructive messages about yourself in the past, your mind now makes you believe these limits are real.

THEY ARE NOT!  It’s time to CHANGE those limits and start to BELIEVE in yourself. 

RECLAIM YOUR POWER is a hypno-coaching program that works from the inside out.  As your mindset is changed, YOUR PERSONAL POWER is back and THE ROADBLOCKS HOLDING YOU BACK ARE GONE!  At this point, the path to your dreams will become clear and defined.

The change is PERMANENT so you can truly say goodbye to the “old” you.  

This program is for You especially when you:

Feel stuck…living life on autopilot and just dreaming about something better.

Not knowing how to move forward

Repeating the same patterns in life but dreaming about something better.

Being at your breaking point.

Tired of overthinking everything and feeling anxious.

Feeling emotionally lonely and betrayed.

Overwhelmed by life’s demands.

Tired of decision making.

Paralyzed by brain fog.

It’s time to move fast forward past the blocks and tell that negative voice inside of you to SHUT UP! Deep within, you know your highest truth is to live a fulfilling and happy life; a life free of regrets.

There is no such thing as being successful by nature.

All comes from within our mindset.

The truth is most of us weren’t equipped with the right tools, beliefs and support to succeed by nature.

I know where you are. For yeast I was working with different methods to change my mindset and free myself from being a people pleaser with no confidence at all. I wish I had such a comprehensive program presented to me at that time. Because when I found hypnotherapy and combined it with coaching and energy work, my mindset shifted in just a few weeks. 

Ask yourself one important question: What is going to happen if you do nothing?

Don’t wait any longer. Life happens now. Your mind will be blown with the results you get with this life altering program. In just a few weeks you will have the results and reach for success. 

Power to Success is an individual 1-on-1 hypno-coaching program.

Creates a new mindset for success.

Builds peaceful mind focus on the positive.

Removes fears and anxieties from your daily routine.

Raises a deep, personal confidence.

Removes the fears of success and failure.

Gives the courage to act and speak with confidence.

Breaks through limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Establishes self-worth, understanding “I am worth it” and “I can do it”.

Creates a belief and trust in yourself and others.

Gives you a clear process of making decisions.

Moves past the blocks that are keeping you from feeling fulfilled and successful.

Connects with the power of your heart/intuition through self-alignment.

Builds the images in your subconscious mind for a successful future.

All this and more are possible with individual hypno-coaching sessions designed specifically for you. Because this ‘tailor-made’ approach is specific to the point of your need, you will be discovering quickly what is holding you back while unleashing your inner ‘fire’, now focused and ready to take on the world.

This is your opportunity to say YES to something that finally shifts your reality!

You DESERVE Abundance!

You DESERVE Happiness!

You are WORTHY of Investing in yourself and your Future!

Your accomplishments are limitless with a NEW MINDSET!

RECLAIM YOUR POWER program includes:

  • SIX 75 minute sessions video calls with Anna Hanael addressing your specific needs
  • Transformational hypnotherapy
  • Energy field clearing and balancing
  • Practical “tools” for lifetime self-help
  • Personal hypnosis recordings for life
  • Two recorded guided meditations to reclaim your power
  • Relaxation exercise recording
  • Manifestation exercise recording
  • Weekly rituals to accelerate the results
  • Email support
Reclaim Your Power Program
Price: $1,500.00
Price: 1,250.00

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Cathy, HR Manager

Dina S., Student

Jessica F., Reiki Practitioner

Jennifer B., Entrepreneur

“Connecting with Anna has truly been a transformative life experience. I have participated in my own personalized program where I worked on past life regression and therapeutic imagery. Anna helped me to discover the immense power, wisdom, and guidance that come from my own inner core. I have also received Reiki sessions where I experienced a deep sense of peace, comfort, and relaxation. I am truly grateful for the gifts that Anna offers and wish everyone could benefit from her loving presence and God given abilities.” -Dan, School Teacher

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Not sure if this program is exactly for you and your needs? Let’s have a quick chat and let me answer any questions you may have. Click the link below and pick up a date and time that is convenient for you:

RECLAIM YOUR POWER Program is based on hypnosis. The results of the program will vary as we are all different, and our individual and personal approach determines the depth of the changes.