The hypnotic state, called Hypnosis, is very natural for our minds.

It’s the state when your mind is still present but already very relaxed. You may be able to think about something but the thought process is slowing down and narrowing its focus. Every night before we fall asleep we are, for short period of time, in that groggy state – that is the hypnotic state. Every time we cry, laugh or feel any other emotion while we are watching a movie we allow ourselves to drop into a Hypnotic state.

Every time we don’t remember how or if we did something, we are in a hypnotic state.

So based on that, you’ve already experienced Hypnosis multiple times in your life. It is spontaneous and normal state for our mind to slow down and relax. In hypnotherapy we learn how to use this state to our benefits. Why? Because that is the learning state.

Hypnosis opens the gate to our unconscious mind and that part of our mind is a driver for our behavior, how we pursue success or failure and how we do or think about everything in our lives.

Our unconscious mind holds all beliefs and programs we have about ourselves or others, life path and limitations. By accessing that level of our mind we can change anything we desire and end the struggle between knowing how we should/could act and what we actually do.

A simple example is chocolate. How many of us know that an excess of chocolate is not good for us, yet every time there is something stressful and even happy, we reach for it. After that, we are beating ourselves down being so weak-willed! Well, we are not weak. We are simply running a program that believes that chocolate is a reward or stress reliever.

Our unconscious mind runs the program successfully! There is nothing wrong with us.

The Hypnotic state is very relaxing and your body is completely restoring itself to balance and harmony.

In hypnosis, your mind is slowing down but never loses control and never falls asleep. Through peace and relaxation we can change the drivers for our lives. Every session brings good feeling and promotes positive results, so don’t wait, make the changes you always want today.


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