How many of us are living a life on a wave, reacting to situations and actions of others? Feeling lost and powerless… I felt that way too.

Years ago I found myself emotionally abused in foreign country without language and friends. My spiritual mind coach said to me: “Use your mind and stop complaining. You create your reality.At that time I felt like someone slapped me on my face: I was in a bad relationship. I believed I had nothing to do with the actions of other people and yet she said I created that reality.

She taught me an exercise called visualisation.

I started envisioning myself differently, not reacting to the actions of other people. I began to see myself taking actions, doing things I enjoyed and I liked. That was just a beginning of me taking ownership of my life: not reacting to situations and people but creating my reality, my wave. Me being in a driving seat.

I believe you can too become a creator of your life because we all have the same tool: OUR MIND.

We all have the same mind and the same ability to visualize. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, it doesn’t matter how much schooling you have.  Through visualization we create our future.

When you choose to see yourself worrying and stressed that will be your reality. If you put your mind to work and create a vision of you being happy and successful that will become your reality.

Visualization is a big part of hypnotherapy. Being in that relax state , opens our subconsious mind which allows for creation of new behaviors and beliefs. When I dicovered hypnotherapy, I fell in love with it right away. What an easy way to change! There is no faster method that utilize the visualization towards a real change. 

Today, become that powerful creator of your reality!

Activate your imagination and see yourself living a life you always dreamt about.

Envision yourself doing things you’ve never done before.

See yourself acting differently than before and having life of your dreams.

With love,


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