We are obligated to take control over our minds – that’s the message I’m receieving in my channeling all the time. To belive our intuition we have to become masters of our minds.

We are body, mind and spirit.

Often in our western culture, we focus on our body by practicing different physical activities. Often we search for life paths and purpose venturing into different spiritual practices. We participate in many healing circles or events. Many are going from one to another constantly searching for something that will help them move forward. In all of these efforts, most of us completely disregard working on our minds. We forget that ultimately the mind is the part of us that will allow us to move into spirituality or block us.

The mind holds all the blocks. The mind is our ego. So in order for us to venture successfully into spiritual expansion, we must get a hold on our ego. Not by forcing it or pretending that it doesn’t exist, but by letting it have a voice that will follow your true spirit.

The mind holds all of our programming about judgements, fears and behaviours and because of this, determines how we act and judge. They are responsible for who we are and what kind of life we live, happy or miserable…or maybe on autopilot somewhere in between.

These programs determine if we can open our intuition and follow it with courage or constantly be afraid to do so. Once we know how to control our mind we can create new programs. Today we called it a new mindset. Replace the ego centered critical mind with one that is filled with love.

Just for a moment think about your mind as a three year old that was never loved or paid attention to; a three year old always criticized and beaten. Now imagine how that three year old reacts to this world, to you and everything around? That’s why our ego can become so filled with fear. When you teach something new to any three year old, you do it with patience, simple and clear explanations and then…a lot more patience. With loving guidance this child can accomplish anything. These same principles apply to our mind/ego. With love it will grow, stop being afraid and it won’t block our expansion or our intuition anymore.

The best wasy to work with your mind like it is the three year old is through Inner Child Therapy.  

Inner Child Therapy establishes solid foundations inside the mind, neutralizes trauma from our childhood and creates new beliefs and behaviours.

The quiet mind allows us to meditate, harmonize our body and expand spiritually.

The peaceful mind protects us from stress and keeps us healthy. Fear replaced with love creates and fulfills our soul path.

That is the beginning of your enlightenment: the path on which your life is guided by spirit.

Think how often you critize your mind for being negative or not being good enough.

Is this what you would do to a three year old? Starting today…right now…let’s always start with love and patience.

Once you gain control over your mind, your intuition will have a chance to become loud and clear.

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