It amazes me every day in my practice how wonderful Reiki works for our current lifestyle. As we are a XXI century society rushing while chasing time, with a constant lack of rest, Reiki brings to us quick solutions and complete rejuvenation in a very short time. It takes just one sixty minutes session to restore your body’s’ natural energy flow which leads to feeling healthier, peaceful and balanced. A one hour session gives a rest equal to a good night sleep. And how many of us are lacking a good long night’s sleep? Reiki not only helps with sleep problems, it gives in one session the rest we need for weeks or perhaps for months. How many moms are running on sleep deprivation? How many of you never have time to relax? Well, you can get all of that in just one session.

Giving yourself one hour or relaxation results in long lasting positive feeling and physical strength.

We all are looking for something that is miraculous and fast. Well, it is an hour… but that hour equals many, many missed hours of rest. You may ask, how is that possible? The strong flow of energy connects with you and knows what you need the most and that’s why it is so effective. My simple definition of Reiki is that it charges our entire being with a new dose of life energy the same as we are charging batteries. Connecting to an unlimited source of life energy we load/charge ourselves with new, healthy, refreshing life energy. The flow is so strong that it is able to remove blockages and any stagnant energy yet very loving and gentle. You relax deeper than with any other method and that gives us a feeling of deep rest.
Another fascinating effect is that helps us to make decisions and brings inspiration. Often after one hour of Reiki session the client has clarity of mind and have answers to business or life questions. New ideas or ways how to address existing problem.

After fifteen years of practicing every day, Reiki will always amaze me. There is no ceiling to what I can accomplish or give to my clients.
So as a modern society in a constant rush, surrounded by massive amounts of news and information, give yourself on a regular basis Reiki treatments to regain balance, rejuvenate and catch with all the needed mind clarity and physical rest. It is the fastest and the strongest method available to us. Don’t wait to book yourself a Reiki session or become a Reiki practitioner.

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