Forgiveness – we hear a lot about it and it’s easier said than done.

It is deeply rooted in our emotions and mind. If you still think or talk about something in the past and you still experience the pain and emotional draw back, you may want to look closer at forgiveness. It’s not for the other person or people that hurt you.


Unforgiveness creates a blockage in our life that keeps us in the same place. It keeps our life energy trapped and not available to move forward and make the change we want.

Often we feel we need to justify that we do have a right to remember “bad” things because injustice was done to us but forgiveness doesn’t mean that we need to forget.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean justification of the others action. It means we can heal the pain, regain our energy and move forward in life. Sometimes we hold unforgiveness towards someone we loved for not doing something for us. Sometimes the hardest task is to forgive yourself. It doesn’t really matter what the reason is. It matters that it keeps you stuck.

There are many different methods that may help us to work with forgiveness.

Hypnosis is one of the best and fastest methods since it deals directly you’re your subconscious mind where the hurt sits. In Hypnosis, we are able to deal with the most uncomfortable emotions without opening the memories and going back to situations.

Normally it takes only one session to deal with forgiveness.

Once you allow the forgiveness to take place you are able to move forward in life fast and free.

The old grip is gone and a new dose of energy is available. All of it transforms into more self-love and confidence on a daily basis.

As there are no mistakes in life, just experiences, you will learn and assess without any emotional attachment.

New horizons and possibilities will be wide open. The past will become just a history that doesn’t keep you in and you will be able to live a life here and that creates a different future.

So give yourself a chance. If you are holding on to some “old” stuff, deep resentment and unforgiveness come and try Hypnosis to let go. A wonderful gift to give yourself.

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