For the Therapeutic Imagery sessions the client’s job is simply to know what we are working on and allow themselves to be guided into deep relaxation. No questions about what happened in the past or the reason for it and not simply being told how to do things. The basis of this therapy is that you already have answers to everything that involves your life; including how to remove blockages, fears and obstacles that prevent you from moving forward.

This method allows your brain to work as your friend changing programs and behaviors.

In this hypnotic state, you will be in a very deep level of relaxation. You will be skillfully guided to specific places and feelings based on your predetermined needs and the correct images will appear. Now relaxed, your mind starts creating these images… and remember… images are pictures, sound, smell, feelings and even thoughts. These images represent your issues. Engaging in communication with the images, we can now find out what is needed to change, deal with or remove your specific issues. This session can be silent or spoken, but communication with your images is quite real. Without opening or analyzing the past, the mind illuminates your solutions and the answers become simple and obvious. And just because of this wonderful process, the problem is resolved.

The difference between standard Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Imagery is that here we are activating our imagination instead of preparing specific suggestions before the session that are fed into the subconscious mind. Some folks may say, “I cannot imagine”, but in this therapy, we all have connection to feeling, sound, smell, thoughts and pictures which make everyone a good candidate for this specialized therapy session. It is the skill of your therapist that will awaken these images in you and get the process started.

A great benefit of Therapeutic Imagery is the speedy results produced by this method. Your mind will shoot solutions to the conscious state and you will be amazed and surprised at how the connection between problem and solution, though seemingly completely illogical, brings answers you would not reach on your own.

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