Past Life Regression is one of the most fascinating and always adventurous processes.

I’ve been facilitating Past Life Regression for many years. It never ceases to surprise me with the effectiveness and speed of healing that allows people to move forward in life.

The process goes so deeply into our memories, pulls out fascinating stories and adventures that are translating to our current life by removing physical pain or emotional blockage.

It’s very important to facilitate the process correctly as the healing belongs to the client.

As a facilitator and a guide I don’t analyze the images. This will take away completely the healing effect for the client. The client owns the process fully as all elements have some specific meaning known only to the person going through it. As a guide and energy healer I make sure that the process is pure ans safe for my client to explore that new adventure. It is a ride through pictures, visions and emotions. I am here to make sure my client comes back balanced feeling  peaceful and complete.

How past life regression process helps? Well, if the person is afraid of water, it could be related to past life experience when drowning or other dramatic event created accidental death. The unfinished business creates a block: an emotional block that is carried now in this current life. Going back, discovering that unfinished business, properly disconnecting from it, will allow the mind to become free of that fear.

Interesting fact is that if we will do this on a conscious level it’s not going to work, yet when we open the memories while we are in a deep state, the process is very quick.

Through years I’ve seen in my practice many lives changed only because something get finished, something is now remembered and understood. But what is more amazing that the process doesn’t required you to truly believe that you have lived many lives.

As for some non-believers it become a form of communication with deep parts of subconscious mind by creating metaphors that allow for releasement of stuck emotions.

Sometimes clients expect dramatic lives yet they are shown normal, boring everyday lives as there was nothing exciting about. These clients are disappointed for the discovery itself for that day. Most of the reach out to me few months later sharing a revelations about their lives. After some time they realize the correlation between current life and the past one. Often they reach for new job or start new hobby they never allow themselves before to spend time or money for.

It ALWAYS produces result, even when we don’t understand them on the day of the session.

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